Feb 20

Ok – you are buying a service and let’s say that service is an attorney or real estate broker.  You want the best deal possible so naturally you ask for a reduction in the person’s fee.  The person almost instantly capitulates to your request.  Yahoo for you ……… and bummer as well.  Why bummer – well you just hired this person to negotiate for you and, um, ah, they can’t even negotiate for themselves. Remember you are not buying a product but the advice and experience that person has to offer.  In this case you quite literally get what you pay for.

Feb 10

Headlines like this Idaho Statesman article “Goose responsible for cutting power to nearly 1,000 Idaho Power customers in Boise”.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t like reading about people loosing their power or some animal biting the dust it’s the fact that something like this actually makes the news.  Not to mention the power was back on in 40 min and there was no protest by PETA.

It’s all smiles. 

Jan 28

A “Pending Sale” simply means that an offer has been accepted but closing has not taken place yet.  “Pending” also means that the property has been removed from the general publics view in the MLS.  A “Pending” sale will not show up any public website.

Jan 28

We hear a lot of talk about short sales these days so it got me wondering exactly how much of our existing inventory are short sales.  I found the number to be a reasonable 203 homes (5% of available inventory). I do want to make it clear that this is 5% of homes that ARE available for sale and NOT 5% of all homes.  I limited this search to Ada County Idaho which includes the cities of Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Star, Kuna, and Garden City Idaho.  The price ranges that are available pretty much cover the marketplace and include luxury homes of nearly 2 million and a few in low 100’s with the average price being $335,000

I do have a list of available “Short Sale” properties.  Just drop me a line if you would like a copy.

Jan 28

Of the 507 pending home sales 6.7% or 34 are short sales. 

Short sales represent 5% of the inventory and 6.7% of the pending sales so the short sale properties have a slight statistical advantage over traditional sales.  This is due to short sale homes being priced at market or slightly below market values.

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