Questions to ask the bank when they call about back payments.


NOTE: Always be polite but firm.  The person calling is probably just some script monkey who can do very little except get you connected with the right department.


1) We are trying to do a short sale with your bank and I need your help to get this done. Is this the collection department or short sale department?

If collection department: 

  • Please note in your system that we are trying to do a short sale.  I’ll wait while you do that.  Oh, what is your name and id or extension number?
  • Do you have access to the short sale department system or can you transfer me there?

2) We can sell our home faster and for a higher price if we have a pre approved short sale.  Have you been in contact with my agent?

3) Have your ordered a BPO (Broker Price Opinion)?

4) We understand it can months to process a short sale.  What can you do to speed up this process?

5) Who is the investor on our loan?

6) What are the investor guidelines & timeline for a short sale?

7) Is a negotiator assigned?

            If not assigned: I would like one assigned immediately. We do not want to lose a god buyer and our home because of delays on your end.  What can you do to help? 

            If assigned:  What is their name and contact info?  Skip Q’s 8 & 9

8) Is the manager of your department available? 

9) When will he/she be available – I would like to talk to him/her right away!

10) What is the phone number & fax number to the short sale department?

11) What information do you need from us?  Get list of items.  Note: Try not to go over detailed financials over the phone until you know exactly what they want.

Take good notes