Property Taxes FAQ's



Q. What is a Home Owners Exemption?
A. If this property is your primary residence this exemption saves you big bucks. As much as $109,000 of your homes value will not be taxed. This often results in about a $750 annual savings. Read more at the Ada County Web site.
Q. Where can I get the form to apply for the exemption?
A. Download one or have one mailed to you by the county assesor.
Q. I purchased a home earlier - why did I get a tax bill for the time frame when I did NOT own it?
A. Property taxes are paid in arrears? This means that property tax bills are always 6 months behind. When you closed on the property the title company estimated what the property taxes were from the last bill to the close date and then charged the seller and credited the buyer the estimated tax amount. This was done so when the tax bill becomes due the seller has given you the money to pay the taxes when the bill arrives. Check your closing statement to see what the credit was.