"The hiring of an agent is essentially the purchase of the agents knowledge to guide ones own decisions."

- Thomas Sowell - Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

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Darrin has been a full time Realtor for 25 years.

This is his 4th recession.

Ranked top 10 in homes sold 2008 in Ada County.

My Personal Business Directory

Quality companies and services that I often recommend. Everything from painters to plumbers, dentists to divorce attorneys, insurance to inspectors, well you get the point.  Check it out and oh by the way - if you know of a quality company drop me a line.  I would be glad to meet them and hopefully include them in the directory.

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Local Services & Utility Information

Who to call for power, gas, phone, cable TV, etc.

Local Services and Utility Information


Tips on How to Stage Your Home

There is no doubt about it the better your home looks the faster it will sell and the more money it will bring.  I often advise clients that the time they spend touching up some paint, cleaning out the garage and buying a few new pieces of bedding will be some of the most profitable time they can spend on their home prior to sale. This link to HGTV.com has a wealth of information about staging for all types of homes.  Spend a few minutes re-viewing - it will be well worth your time.

Home Staging Tips