Lender Contact Numbers and Web Site


Company Phone Number.............. Comments
Accredited Home Lenders 877-683-4466  
Acqura Loan Services 866-660-5804  
American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. 877-374-3100  
Aurora Loan Servicing 866-519-3090   
Avelo Mortgage 800-999-8501  
Bank of America 800-846-2222    
 Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC 800-790-9502  
 Chase (Prime, Subprime and Home Equity) 866-550-5705  
 Citigroup, Inc. (Citi Mortgage/Citi Residential) 866-915-9417  Hardship assistance page.  Online and offline financial work sheets.
 Countrywide Home Loans 800-669-6650  
 EMC Mortgage Corporation / Bear Sterns 866-550-5705  
 First Horizon Home Loans 800-364-7662  
 GMAC Mortgage 800-799-9250  
 Homecomings Financial 800-206-2901  
 Home Loan Services, Inc. (d/b/a First Franklin Loan Services & NationPoint Loan Services) or Nationpoint.com.    
 HomEq Servicing 877-867-7378   
 HSBC Finance (HSBC Consumer Lending) Beneficial.com  HFC.com 800-333-5848  
 HSBC Finance (HSBC Mortgage Services) 800-365-6730  
 HSBC Mortgage Corporation 888-648-3124  
 IndyMac Federal Bank 866-355-7273 If you are delinquent or struggling to stay current please update your current income and expense information with us online. Your current income and expense information will be used to determine if you are eligible for a loan modification or any other solutions that may be available to you. You will not be considered for a loan modification or any other solutions if you do not update your current income and expense information with us.
 Litton Loan Servicing 800-999-8501  
 LoanCare Servicing Center  | customersupport@myloancare.com 800-909-9525
 MetLife Homes  800-922-6267  
 National City Mortgage Corporation  800-523-8654  
 Nationstar Mortgage, LLC | customer.service@nationstarmail.com  888-480-2432  
 Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC  877-596-8580  
 Residential Credit Solutions  800-737-1192  
 RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation | Customer.Service@roundpointmortgage.com  877-426-8805   
 Saxon Mortgage Services  888-325-3502  
 Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.  800-258-8602  
 SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.  800-443-1032, option 3  
 SunTrust Mortgage Home Equity | equityhomeretention@suntrust.com  888-886-0696  
 SunTrust Mortgage Construction Permanent Loans  877-657-8433  
 Taylor, Bean & Whitaker  888-225-2164  
 The CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc.  800-922-6267  
 Wachovia  800-922-6267  
 Washington Mutual, Inc.  866-550-5705  
 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage  866-488-2028  
 Wells Fargo Financial  800-275-9254  Online Mortgage Payment Workout Tool
 Wilshire Credit Corporation  888-917-1050