Helping people in foreclosure in the Boise Idaho area.
How we can all help people who are potential facing foreclosure in the Boise Idaho area.


Hello!  Darrin Jaszkowiak here with Re/Max West of Boise, Idaho.


I wanted to visit with you today about how we can help some people who are in foreclosure.  By help, I mean you and me.


There are many people out there that are having some difficult time making their payments.  Maybe they have had a catastrophic job loss, loss of income, illness – combination of things.  This can be enormously stressful.  In many instances, if they can’t make their mortgage payments – what people do is, they don’t do anything.  They are embarrassed, they are afraid to ask for help.  Maybe they don’t know there is anything out there.


You know, 57% of all homes that go to foreclosure – the borrower never contacted the bank.


What we can do is if you know of somebody that is potentially in this situation.  Please send them the link to this video or to my website.  Or, have them call me…or I’d be happy to call them


I want to give them the information that they need to make that call to their bank.  What information they will need to have with them, what the bank is going to be looking for, and frankly, we can assess the situation to see if they are in a position for a work out for the bank.  If they are not, there are a couple other options we have as well.  One is to help Short Sale the property.  That is when somebody owes more than what the property is worth.  We can sell the property and the bank pays all the costs.  They will pay the brokerage fee, closing cost, title insurance – there is no out-of-pocket cost at all to the borrower, the seller in this case.  This avoids a foreclosure on their record and in most instances we can eliminate the possibility of a Deficiency Judgment as well, and I have more information on my website about that.


So, please have them call me.  I will be happy to help them out and help save another property from foreclosure.


Have a great day!  And, it’s a good life in Idaho!


Posted by DarrinJ at 2/4/2009 3:47:00 AM
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