When you say you want to buy a foreclosure or short sale in Boise Idaho ? what are you ?really? saying?

I hear this all the time “I want to buy a foreclosure”.  What I have found after further questioning is that what people are really saying is that they want a good deal and the home that fit their needs.  The latter part of that “home that fits their needs” is really the most important when it comes down to it.  What clients come to realize really fast is that the foreclosure properties are in generally very poor condition (missing appliances, broken windows and landscaping that hasn’t been maintained for months).  The better overall values are those homes that have been well maintained and the seller is genuinely motivated to sell.  Maybe they have purchased another home in the area or they are waiting to join the rest of the family who has relocated to another state.  In any event they are motivated to sell, the home is in a great location and it is well maintained.   View the tour for the .41 acre home or the tour for the reduced $35,000.

Posted by DarrinJ at 2/20/2008 3:48:00 AM
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