The emotional value of a home ? overlooked by many as the primary focus of ownership.

People talk about the value of their home they will readily tell you how much they paid for it and how much money they have made on it. They talk about their mortgage and what their interest rate is. What people often overlook is the real reason they purchased a home and it’s what I call the “emotional value”. Meaning this is the place they call home.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines home as: An environment offering security and happiness.

I like this definition as your home really is an environment. 

  • An environment that you are in control of. 
  • An environment that offers security and safety.
  • An environment where happiness can be found.

When you talk or think about your home – think of the life you will lead there.  The lessons you will teach your kids, the laughter you will have with your friends, the memories you will make with your loved ones.  These assets are the most valuable, irreplaceable and uninsurable items that you will ever own.  These are assets that anyone can have, money doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter, status, race and religion don’t matter.  All that matters is that you create an environment offering security and happiness.  We all have the power to create this environment.  It starts with our own attitude.   

Posted by DarrinJ at 2/21/2008 3:10:00 AM
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