What does Countrywide say about 3rd party loan modification companies?

I spoke directly with a representative at Countrywide today who talks with customers on a daily basis about doing loan modifications. I posed this questions to her:

“Is it better for someone to work with a 3rd party [loan modification company] to get their modification done? 

She answered: 

“Save your money. I feel sorry for the people who are going through this and pay all these fees to these companies. I have to tell the same exact thing to 3rd party companies as I do the customer. I am a nice person and not rude at all. There is nothing else that these companies can do that you can not do for yourself. We just want this to work out for the customer.” 

Additionally I found out that Countywide will now only address 2 loans at a time with a caller. I suspect this is because of these 3rd party companies have been monopolizing a tremendous amount of their staffs time.
Posted by DarrinJ at 2/26/2009 3:08:00 AM
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