Is your landlord making the mortgage payment in the Boise, Eagle or Meridian Idaho area?
Are you worried that your landlord may not be making the mortgage payments even if you are paying the rent? This is possible and it happens more than you may think. Don't move out - just find out if this is the case. There are lots of things that can be done to avoid the property from going to foreclosure and your landlord may not even know they exist.


I want to talk about tenants.  If you are a tenant in a property and you are worried that maybe the owner of the property is not making the mortgage payment – what is going to happen?  You may have read stories about that.  That is – It is very possible for a landlord to collect rents and not make the mortgage payment.  They have that right.  It is their property


There is an easy way for me to check, and that is to see if there has been what is called a Notice of Default filed against the property.  Typically if a home is three months or more behind on the mortgage payment, before the lender can start foreclosure proceedings they will file this Notice of Default.  It is public record and I have the tools to check that out to see if that is the case.


Anyway, I hope this little bit of information is helpful.


This is rare situation.  But if you are suspect of that feel free to give me a call if you live the in the Ada or Canyon County areas


Hey, thank you very much.  And, have a great day!

Posted by DarrinJ at 2/17/2009 2:13:00 AM
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