Dec 18

This is just too good. Morgan Stanly is giving properties back to their lender. You know why? They are not worth what they paid for them.

Oct 25

Is there a "shadow inventory" of homes? Goldman Sachs thinks there is a possibility. Remember Boise typically is an average marketplace within the US.

Oct 23

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 27% of homeowners say the value of their home is likely to go up over the next year.

Sep 29

 Part time rant you ask what is that?  Well this post is about my industry.  Realtor’s to be more specific.  I am getting tired, very tired of trying to get Realtors to return phone calls - answer questions about client issues or contact them about all sort of professional issues – and you know why?  Their cell phones are disconnected, they don’t return calls for days or their brokerages have no idea where they are.  They are part time Realtors and in most cases their clients don’t even know they are part time. In my opinion if a client is not aware that their agent is part time they should have every right to cancel their representation agreement with them.  Oh did I say that – You bet I did!  There is no reason you should place your trust and confidence in representing your needs when you think that this is their profession when in fact they are “just trying it out”.  Give me a break!  Unfortunately there are many agents out there and very few professionals

Choose your agent carefully and ask lots of questions. This business is for the professionals only.


This is a repost from Feb of this year.  It's even more topical now than it was then.

Sep 19

Do you own a home or investment property or do you want to own one.  This information is very valuable.  "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it".  Thomas Sowell, senior Hoover fellow and author of The Housing Boom and Bust, cites Congressman Barney Frank, former President George W. Bush, and Allan Greenspan for the housing bust.

This post is not meant to be political although it deals with politics given the people in charge of setting standards in the mortgage industry. You can find the complete 34 min interview at It's a great web site as you can select the chapter of the video you want to see. Below I have included their YouTube video which gives a fair overview but clicking on the full video link above is well worth it.  I personal have learned a tremendouse amount about econimcs from Thomos Sowell and I respect his opinion.


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